Meet The Team

Robin Green

Dr. Robin Green is a Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in traumatic brain injury (TBI), Senior Scientist in cognitive neurosciences at the University Health Network - Toronto Rehab, and a Clinical Neuropsychologist. Her program of research addresses brain and behavioural mechanisms of recovery from TBI, and the development of treatments to improve outcomes. Her lab has helped to better understand impediments to recovery, challenging prevailing assumptions of moderate-severe TBI as a static disorder in the chronic stages of injury, and reconceptualizing TBI as deteriorative – where early recovery of brain and behaviour may be followed by declines in the months and years post-injury. Encouragingly, the lab has identified novel, modifiable treatment targets, and has been using these findings to develop interventions for mitigation of decline and improvement of clinical outcome.

Dr. Green and colleagues have recently developed a provincial Telehealth Research Centre to treat and study the enduring effects of brain injuries, whether due to a single moderate or severe injury or to a history of multiple concussions. Patients across the province and beyond receive remotely delivered assessments and interventions (pro bono), through participation in research. This addresses a considerable gap in current treatment, and provides access to treatment for patients regardless of their geographic location or any mobility restrictions. The Centre was designed to further our understanding of accelerated aging in neurological populations and to advance the development of non-invasive neurological treatments, while filling a very significant gap in clinical care.

In addition to founding and global oversight of the telehealth centre, Dr. Green is a co-lead of the Schroeder Brain Institute at UHN. She completed her PhD at Cambridge University, her post-doctoral training at the St. Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, England and her clinical neuropsychology training at the UHN in Toronto.

Brenda Colella

Brenda Colella is the Clinical Research Manager for the Telerehab Centre for ABI and in this role she oversees the day-to-day operations of the Centre.  As a registered Psychological Associate in Ontario practicing in the area of clinical neuropsychology she also provides assessment and treatment to clients in the Centre. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Toronto and has worked at Toronto Rehab since 1999.



Liesel-Ann Meusel

Dr. Liesel-Ann Meusel is a registered psychologist in Ontario (license # 5735) in the area of clinical neuropsychology. For the Centre, she is involved in the day-to-day operations of both assessment and treatment.



Mary Boulos

Mary is completing her Master's of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Toronto in Dr. Green's lab. Her research is looking at delivering online mood and cognitive interventions to individuals living with chronic traumatic brain injury across the province. For the Centre, she works as a liaison between Fred Victor, the mental health court, and Toronto Rehab.



Marika Karen Dabek

Marika is the administrative assistant for the clinic and for Dr. Robin Green. She coordinates referrals, the screening process, and supports clinic operations. With over a decade of experience in clinical research, she is passionate about providing client-centered services. Marika is also concluding her H.B.Sc. degree in Bioethics/Neuroscience at the University of Toronto.



Jacqualyn Davies

Jacqualyn is a graduate of the Masters of Clinical Science in Occupational Therapy program at the University of Western Ontario.  Jacqualyn has spent the majority of her career working with a neurological population in the Neurorehab Day Hospital Program at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network. Jacqualyn has a strong interest in working with neurological populations and is eager to be a part of the Telerehab Centre for ABI.



Sucheta Heble

Sucheta is a speech-language pathologist who has worked with outpatients with acquired brain injury (ABI) at Toronto Rehab-UHN for 18 years. She has facilitated groups in mindfulness for patients with ABI as part of research studies and currently, for the Telerehab Centre for ABI. She continues to be interested in the field of mindfulness, particularly how it applies to counselling and ABI therapy.



Lily Miguel-Jaimes

Lily completed her training  in Colombia and the United States before relocating to Canada in 1995.  She has been working at Toronto Rehab since 1997 and with the Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Sciences Lab since 2008. Currently she divides her time between the Telerehab Centre for ABI and other lab studies where her roles include: remote delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Goal Management Training, administering neuropsychological assessments for diverse populations and patient intake among others.



Kadeen Johns

Kadeen Johns is the study coordinator for the Allocentric, Spatial Navigation Project, a research study aimed at the development of a remotely delivered learning and memory intervention for acquired brain injury. The project will be integrated into the forthcoming research arm of the Telerehab Centre for ABI. Kadeen has worked in clinical research at Toronto Rehab for over 10 years. She holds an Honors BA in Biology and Chemistry from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.



Greg Noack

Greg Noack is a rehabilitation therapist who has worked at the Toronto Rehabilitation for over 17 years. He has been involved with Dr. Green’s Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Sciences Lab for the past 7 years and is currently involved in the Telerehab Centre for ABI as a patient liasion. Being a person with a brain injury he is excited for others to continue to recover from brain injury with the interventions the center provides.



Michelle Panozo

Michelle Panozo is the IT Coordinator for the Centre in assisting clients with setting up their in-home technology in order to participate in group teletherapy via videoconference. Michelle helps troubleshoot software issues to ensure all systems are operational both for the clients and therapists during teletherapy sessions. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology from York University.



Karen Sasaki

Karen Sasaki, MSW, RSW, is a Social Worker at Toronto Rehab and has worked with adult survivors of brain injury, their families and community providers for more than 25 years. Karen has extensive experience providing group programs for people living with the effects of ABI and Multiple Sclerosis, and currently facilitates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy groups for the Telerehab Centre for ABI.



Thomas Worthington

Thomas is an undergraduate psychology student at York University. He is conducting research as a volunteer at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. For the Centre, he will be helping organize and facilitate the peer support program for individuals with acquired brain injury.